Butternut Cabin, Camping and
The Meadow Cabin

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We have two cabins and 4 lean-to’s on the Sleepy Hollow property!

Butternut Cabin

The Butternut Cabin features a wood-stove, picnic table, 8 bunks with mattresses, a swinging deck chair, and a great view. Butternut Cabin is located one mile from our main lodge, and is accessible only by skiing/snowshoeing in the winter or hiking/biking in the summer. There is no driving to the cabin. ​ If you are skiing the Bishop Trail is the easiest access. If you are biking, hiking or snowshoeing you should take the Skywalker Trail that starts in the back of the parking lot. The cabin includes firewood, but please bring matches, paper and kindling. There is no running water or electricity, but there is an outhouse and a spectacular view!

The Butternut Cabin can be added to your wedding package (it is no longer included)! Please inquire with the wedding coordinator about booking the cabin. If you are not part of a wedding you can check out VERMONT HUTS to see the availability calendar and to book it!

The Meadow Cabin

The Meadow Cabin is included in your wedding package. It features 4 twin beds (bunked with mattresses), an electric stove, refrigerator, an electric heater and a great little porch. It is conveniently located only 250m from the parking lot in Molly’s Meadow where the camping area is. You must hike/bike/ski into the cabin. No driving please. There is no running water. IMG 7780There are bathrooms/showers that are in the basement of the inn, as well as a portable toilet in the parking lot.

Cabin Rules:​

  • Please check in at the lodge to get a map!
  • If you are snowshoeing or hiking up we STRONGLY recommend a daytime check in. It is hard to follow the snowshoe trails at night.
  • Walking or Snowshoeing on groomed trails in the winter is prohibited and makes Dave (our head groomer) very upset.
  • We now have a $100 re-grooming fee for anyone that walks on the groomed ski trails. This fee goes directly to Dave’s blood pressure medication.
  • Snowshoers must stay on the specified snowshoe trails.
  • No dogs in the winter. They are ok in the spring/summer/fall, but please leash them by the Inn.
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We only allow camping for our wedding groups. Our camping area is in Molly’s Meadow, a short 200m walk from the Inn and Round Barn. There are 4 lean-tos, and a very large grassy meadow for pitching tents. It is unlimited and free, so no need to make a reservation. Showers and bathrooms are available in the basement of the inn. Bring your own towels please.

You may bring an RV or camper for wedding weekends and park in the parking lot. We have three places you can plug in for electricity (120 volt, 20 amp outlets). It is included for those staying with a wedding party. No need to make a reservation.