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Mountain Bike Trail Work History

2023 and 2024 Mountain Bike happenings at Sleepy Hollow!

  • Almost all singletrack leaf blown and cleared of trees 5/10/24
  • Plans to build a new singletrack from Darth Vader down to Sherman Hollow Road this spring.   Stay tuned for updates.
  • MMU day of service berm and jump improvements on Boba Fett. Thanks for your help! 5/19/23
  • 6 new trail signs up for better navigation. 5/21/23

2022 Mountain Bike happenings at Sleepy Hollow!

  • Fall leaf blowing done by FOTW crew on 80% of singletrack 10/27/22
  • Leaf Blowing and branch clearing begun 5/1, with a goal of finishing around 5/10/22.
  • Boba Fett singletrack complete as of 6/20/22. A .95 mile flowy intermediate to advanced singletrack. Starts near high point of Chewies Connector, and is a downhill only trail. Watch out for the Sarlacc pits! Thanks to FOTW for design, and MMU volunteers for their trailwork day!
  • Several hours of root clippling and drainage work done on Millenium Falcon, Kessel Run, and Tatooine.
  • 7/26/22 excavator improved flow, berms and jumps on Tatooine (ongoing project).

2021 Mountain Bike happenings at Sleepy Hollow!

  • Improvements made to connector trail that heads down to Texas Hill Rd. Thanks to Chris Hill and friends for the great work. Much easier to climb trail now due to root and rock removal!
  • Leaf blowing finished 5/15/2021, all known blowdowns removed. Off to a late start compared to normal, but trails are in good shape.
  • Used excavator to add some dirt on wet spots on Ewok (new kids trail). Will be a little soft to start the summer, but should firm up fairly soon.

2020 Mountain Bike happenings at Sleepy Hollow!

  • The Sith is completed! (7/1/21) A technical downhill swoopy trail. Can be found in middle of Rogue One Part 2. You do need to climb “heart attack” hill twice do get in this sweet trail, but it’s worth it. Crafted by the FOTW trail crew (Mickey, Eric, and Walt). Thanks to the volunteers who came out as well to complete this trail!
  • Storm Trooper reroute completed! 7/1/21. This was our rootiest single track section at Sleepy. It’s now been rerouted into a nice bermy descent with Sleepy Hollow’s new tilt bucket (bucket can tilt at 45 degree angle on excavator making berm construction much easier). A new climber trail also added from Tatooine, so a lot of folks will enjoy a long descent from the top of Storm Trooper down into the parking lot. Thanks to the Sleepy Hollow nordic summer camp for help building this trail!
  • Leaf blowing completed 5/8/2020… Thanks to Annelies & the FOTW crew (Mickey, Walt & Eric) for doing such a great job with downed trees and leaf blowing!
  • 5 new jumps roughed in on Chewie’s Connector (Thanks Anders Johnson for your work out here!).
  • Kessel Run mountain bike trail completed Sept. 2020… a swoopy descent trail coming off the high point of Hans Solo lots of berms and jumps! Great job FOTW professional trail crew for crafting this gem of a trail.
  • Possibly more downhill runs off of Rogue One!

2019 Mountain Bike Happenings At Sleepy Hollow! (Posted 8/19/19)

  • Rogue One extension completed 9/1/19 by the Fellowship of the Wheel. The trail starts and finishes at the intersection of the “old” Rogue One and Darth Vader… The new trail is 1.5 miles long, and is similar to Rogue One in awesomeness! Here is it’s origin story as told by head FOTW builder Mickey Stone. Many thanks to Mickey, Walt, & Eric of the FOTW pro trail crew for there masterful trail building! Also thanks to and Dynapower companies for their volunteer trail building days! Our printed maps probably won’t be updated until 2020, but there is a sketch of the new trail at the sign in kiosk at Sleepy Hollow.
  • Short sections of Princess Leia, X-wing, and Wookie upgraded with some excavator love… 9/10/19
  • Started construction of The Kessel Run trail… This bermy trail will replace the final descent of Millenium Falcon. The start of Hans Solo, and Storm Trooper will be changed too (and will feature less rooty sections, and more excavator built trail). It may be a little confusing up there for a little while until we get the new trails finished and signs put up, so bring a map, and download “Trailforks” on your smartphone and the gps will help locate you.
  • New 80 meter long section in middle of Storm Trooper… Bypassed a very rooty section with an excavator built trail.

    Leaf blowing and blow down clearing is 100% complete as of 5/11/19… Trails still a little wet in places, but drying out fast. Bought new 4 stroke leaf blower this year… exciting times.
  • Thanks to the 17 MMU volunteers we had on 5/6/19 to help clear trails!
  • We plan on several mountain bike trail improvements this summer. Look for Rogue One to be extended this year, as well as a new trail near the steep descent of Millenium Falcon… We’re going to call it “Sidewinder II” as it will be modeled after the gully buster up at the Kingdom Trails. And we’ve got a few other ideas in mind as the summer progresses.

2018 New Mtn. Bike Happenings At Sleepy Hollow! (Posted 8/10/18)

  • FOTW has begun Rogue One…. As of 8/10/18
  • Thanks to the 34 CVU Seniors and 12 MMU volunteers who helped out here this spring! We accomplished topcoating and derooting the middle section of Tatooine. One culvert and one bridge was added to Tatooine, as well as a fun roller section. Leafblowing and derooting on stormtrooper was accomplished as well.
  • Also new this year… New bridge on Millenium Falcon, New rollers and Topcoating on Tatooine, and reworked berms on the top part of Chewy’s Connector
  • Notice: Some logging is happening on Chewy’s Connector this summer… Trail still open, and it’s fine to pass through, but just watch out for the occasional skidder.

2017 Newish Mtn. Bike Happenings At Sleepy Hollow! (Posted 5/14/17)

  • Darth Vader now a complete loop (starts off of Balance Beam, ends on X-wing). Riding nicely right now!
  • The bottom part of Millenium Falcon has been reworked last summer with an excavator built section, and a section that now runs a few hundred yards on our ski trail. Now we’re re-routing and rebuilding more of Millenium Falcon higher up (starting at the Ridge Rd/Hinesburg Hill Loop intersection and going up to close to the high point of the singletrack). Work is finished now and is riding well. Some nice new jumps and berms!
  • Chewy’s Connector trail complete… Bikers/hikers/runners are able to go from Magee Hill/Swamp rd. intersection by trail over to Texas Hill Rd (and access Hinesburg Town Forest). Trail will consist of parts of Hinesburg Hill loop (ski trail) and .5miles new singletrack. Many thanks to the FOTW, and the Hinesburg Trails Committee (and eventually trail will be part of the Trail around Hinesburg).
  • New trail map – larger and easier to read. Also has all the ski trail names on it now.

With a special thanks to the Annelies, Zoey, and Sammy, Fellowship of the Wheel, (specifically Dave, Jeff, and Gary) our mountain biking has never been better! Our specialty here at Sleepy Hollow is our intermediate and advanced single track, of which we have ~ 20km. Come bike our 6 mile Yellow loop and take a self guided tour around our trail system. Also popular is our orange Tatooine loop with its epic bermed descent crafted by our expert trail stewards. Our Skywalker singletrack is probably our most biked trail, and heads up to Butternut Cabin where the view is fantastic. Yoda is very popular for our expert riders. A new trail called Darth Vader is now complete. It starts about 3/4 the way up Balance Beam (above Butternut Cabin), and descends to Upper Saddle trail. Follow this ski trail for a while, and then there is new single track that brings Darth Vader back into X-Wing Come for the challenge, come for the fun!

Sleepy Hollow’s trail system also connects to the Hinesburg Town Forest and Carse Lands, where many miles of single track have been professionally constructed by the Fellowship Of The Wheel. The connector trail (~ 2 miles from our lodge to the entrance to the town forest trail system) is mostly downhill and challenging, but combining Sleepy Hollow’s trail system with the Hinesburg Town Forest (and Carse) allows for a fantastic amount of great riding to be had. Exploring both trail systems takes at least two good days of riding for most intermediate/advanced riders.

All users of the trail system must sign in at the Sleepy Hollow Inn and pay the trail fee (FOTW members ride for free, but still must sign in). This can be done at our Kiosk in front of the bike shop during all daylight hours, or in our bike shop if we’re around. FYI a hose is available to wash down your bikes, located in front of the bike shop near the stone wall.

Links to Local Bike Shops and Organizations:


Onion River Sports

Earl’s Cyclery

Village Bike Shop – located in Richmond Village 434-4876

Local Motion – A local bike advocacy group located on the bike path in Burlington

Fellowship of the Wheel – A local mountain bike group dedicated to building and maintaining trails in and around Chittenden County

Stowe Sports – AJ’s Ski and Sports. A great bike resource in the Stowe area.

Mountain Bike Trail Map

Most up to date map located here on Trailforks:

SH Bike Map 22