With Sleepy Hollow Inn’s new website recently launched, I, as the fairly new event coordinator here, am posting my first blog. But here we are in the middle of a scary uncertain time for everyone, everywhere. As I work from home and coordinate with Molly at the inn to make contingency plans for Spring and Summer weddings, I also take some time to celebrate the small things.  Aside from obvious small joys, like the crocuses popping up in my yard, the remote but human contact is a reason to celebrate. I have been impressed by the wedding professionals reaching out to each other to offer comfort, support, and resources. I also love the optimism of wedding couples making plans to marry this year at Sleepy Hollow. Here are a few examples from recent email communications with wedding couples:

  • “Thanks for being a positive role model through all of this, definitely an impact to all, but important to support one another.
    ….we are planning to maintain our Aug date and will roll with the times as they come.”
  • “Amidst the craziness that we are calling life right now, [we] continue to plan for our wedding and have high hopes that all will be well by the time that date comes around…exciting to hear about the changes and updates you’ll be making during the downtime and will look forward to connecting with you in the coming months as we get closer to the big day!!”So what are Sleepy’s exciting updates during our downtime? We will refinish the wood floors in the barn and t
  • We’ve all got to stay as positive as possible, right?! Cheers to continued health and better days ahead…🤞

So what are Sleepy’s exciting updates during our downtime? We will refinish the wood floors in the barn and the inn.  We will also re-seed the lawn by the gazebo and put in more topsoil.  There are some other smaller painting, cleaning, updating and landscaping plans in the works.  Sleepy Hollow will look amazing this summer and fall!

Take care and celebrate the small things! Rebecca Ryan, Event Coordinator


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