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It’s cold outside but the sunshine streams into the round barn as Morghan, Nathan and wedding party heat up the dance floor!

My husband and I, nature and outdoor sports enthusiasts, married on one of our favorite Atlantic coast beaches at sunrise. We had no shelter and no back up plan. The night before our wedding, a lightning storm roared in. Our parents were horrified. Fortunately for everyone (especially a few cranky family members!), the storm rolled out to sea and we had a glorious morning! Decades later, friends and family still talk about the wonder of Mother Nature – at her fiercest and finest – on our wedding weekend.

When you marry at Sleepy Hollow, you can count on 30 miles of ski, bike and hiking trails, stunning woods, a pond, outstanding views of Camel’s Hump Mountain and more. But you can’t always count on the weather. Fortunately, if Mother Nature is fierce, you have plenty of wonderful shelter (including the pavilion, the round barn, the inn and even Butternut Cabin for the more adventurous!).

Morghan and Nathan married in February this year at Sleepy Hollow. There was no lightning storm of course, but Mother Nature delivered a powerful cold snap. The air temperature on Saturday was minus 12 degrees and rose to a high of the low teens! Did this stop Morghan and Nathan and their guests? Not only did they not complain, they embraced the brisk air.  The two of them, family and friends, dressed in flannel and jeans on Friday, and wedding finery on Saturday (including sleeveless dresses and heels!) jogged back and forth – laughing and singing – between the inn and the round barn!  The love these two share, along with the lapis lazuli sky, the brilliant sunshine and the windless day, filled the day with warmth.  Friends and family will also talk about their wedding weekend for years to come. 

When you marry at Sleepy Hollow, you can count on Mother Nature to play a key role. She will make your special day even more memorable, not matter the season. Sun, heat, cold, snow, rain? No problem. Mother Nature is part of what makes Sleepy Hollow such a special place to celebrate love. Take care, Rebecca