Sleepy Hollow Ski Equal Pledge

Sleepy Hollow Ski and Bike Center believes strongly in gender equality.  All those competing at Sleepy Hollow, irrespective of their gender will be treated fairly and equally.  Starting Feb. 26th, 2021 we pledge to only host races where women and men are offered equal opportunity race distances.  At every level of competitive nationwide racing, women’s races are significantly shorter than men’s; women often only race half the distance that men race.  This creates an entirely different race experience for women and also sends an implied message about what women are and are not capable of doing.  This is not right!  We all know that women are fully capable of racing any distance.

We feel that the Nordic ski community has the opportunity to combat this problem rather than exacerbate it, simply by how we present our sport to female athletes.  We firmly believe that we must change the inequality in the sport we all love, to provide a more fair and equitable experience for all our athletes.  Race formats that reinforce antiquated gender expectations are neither best for the sport nor for our racers.  We can do better, and we challenge other Nordic area’s and race organizations to take a stand against discrimination and take the pledge to offer equal opportunity to all racers.


If you would like to further support equal opportunity racing please sign this petition asking the major race organizations to change their formats.