Sleepy Hollow Maple Syrup

Syrup is now available for sale.  We’re now certified organic through Baystate’s organic certification program.  We also accept Venmo – our username is @kasie-enman.  Please also email us your mailing address if you use Venmo to order.

We have simplified our ordering system to give you the best shipping value possible….  All orders are shipped via USPS Priority Shipping (2-3 days) Different sizes available at Sleepy Hollow Inn. Discounts available for purchases more than $200. For custom or bulk orders, contact

Sleepy Hollow (Kasie and Eli, Running Saps Mapleworks) started making maple syrup for use in our inn in 2009. Inn guests can sleep well knowing that when you wake up at Sleepy Hollow, your pancakes will be served with our fine Sleepy Hollow maple syrup. We have a 30 x 30′ sugarhouse at the bottom of the Sleepy Hollow driveway. We run vacuum tubing on all our trees, with a 7.5hp Tuthill vacuum pump. We operate a Leader 4′ x 10′ wood fired evaporator. We also have a 600 gph reverse osmosis machine that takes out over 75% of the water in our sap before it hits the evaporator.  We’ve also added a “Steamaway” that improves boiling efficiency up to 50% more.  Our production history is below:

  • 2009:  270 taps making 37 gallons of syrup
  • 2010:  350 taps making 63 gallons of syrup
  • 2011:  600 taps making 165 gallons of syrup
  • 2012: 1200 taps making 85 gallons of syrup
  • 2013:  950 taps making 263 gallons of syup
  • 2014: 1000 taps making 210 gallons of syrup
  • 2015:  1000 taps making 256 gallons of syrup
  • 2016  1575 taps making 504 gallons of syrup
  • 2017 1925 taps making 695 gallons of syrup
  • 2018  2100 taps making 500 gallons of syrup
  • 2019 2200 taps making 680 gallons of syrup
  • 2020 2150 taps making 365 gallons of syrup
  • 2021 2500 taps making 816 gallons of syrup
  • 2022 2850 taps making 1391 gallons of syrup
  • 2023 3100 taps making 1221 gallons of syrup

Our syrup is for sale at the inn or by mail order in a variety of quantities.  Contact Eli or Kasie at (802) 434-2283 or for large orders, wedding favors, or questions.
Full gallon, quarts and glass jugs of various sizes are available at Sleepy Hollow Inn.  Come check out our syrup selection next time you visit us!

maple syrup leaf shaped bottle